3 Reasons EggBox is the Superior Choice for Egg Boxes Online

If you are an egg producer or distributor, you know how much effort you put into your products. Eggs are fragile, requiring delicate handling and protection as they are shipped to end users. Why trust your eggs to any old packaging, when the industry leader in egg boxes is ready to help? is that leader, providing the highest quality egg packaging solutions to customers across the United States. From pulp egg cartons to foam egg cartons, toppers and filler flats, egg boxes, and egg sleeves, our huge selection of products is only part of the picture.

Why Choose for Egg Boxes Online?

There are many reasons so many egg producers and distributors have put their trust in the quality egg packaging solutions manufactured by Here are three of the most popular reasons:

  • Some of the best prices in the industry
  • Quality products made by experts in the egg packaging field
  • Free shipping on every order

Let’s explore these three reasons in more detail:

At, we set out to provide our customers with the best prices and the best value possible. Our efficient packaging manufacturing operations were designed from the ground up to produce egg cartons, egg toppers, and honeycomb void fillers to the highest standards. Efficient distribution and continuous product improvement are also ways we add value to each product we sell to our many customers across the country. By operating in an efficient manner, is able to offer our products at some of the most competitive prices in the egg packaging industry.

Next, quality in everything we do is a hallmark of our business operation. We are staffed by packaging experts who sweat the details when it comes to innovative egg packaging and product improvement. When you choose for your egg packaging needs, you’re gaining the experience of dedicated designers and manufacturers who have been at the forefront of the industry for years.

Did we mention FREE SHIPPING? That’s right – orders placed through our secure online ordering system ship free anywhere in the continental United States. No matter if you’re purchasing egg cartons in bulk or one of our many other quality products, our fast and free shipping is simply another way we add value to every purchase.

As the leaders in wholesale egg cartons and packaging solutions for the egg production industry, our free shipping, our expertise, and our prices make it easy to see why so many others have chosen our products for their needs.


Egg Carton Crafts: This is Why The Magic is Diminishing

For decades, egg cartons have been a staple of childhood craft projects. We’ve even covered several different fun craft projects using egg cartons on our blog. These versatile egg packaging products can be used in a wide number of ways, each with its own unique look and style. From Christmas ornaments to decorative flowers and even utilitarian uses like holding jewelry or small parts, egg carton crafts deserve their place in the crafting hall of fame.

Replacing Egg Cartons with Plastic?

egg box

Recently, some egg producers and distributors have begun to move away from traditional egg cartons. Egg cartons are typically made from paper pulp or environmentally-friendly foam materials. Each material lends itself to projects in the home, shop, or classroom. A number of supermarket chains have started to replace these egg carton materials with molded plastic packaging. The reason behind this packaging switch is to minimize damage from leaking eggs if they should break during transport. The modern plastic containers are said to contain leaks better than foam or pulp cartons.

While this may sound like a benefit, one of the major drawbacks of the new plastic packaging is that it doesn’t adapt well to craft projects. Plastic is a great packaging material for many reasons, but in crafting, it is less than desirable, especially for projects that involve children.


Among the drawbacks:

  • Plastic egg packaging is harder to cut with scissors;
  • Crafting paint and glue, particularly school-safe versions, do not readily stick to plastic, and;
  • Plastic simply doesn’t have the texture, the style, or the whimsical nature of traditional pulp egg cartons to the Rescue!

Luckily for crafters young and old, is a leader in how to buy cialis pills now from online drugstore egg packaging solutions. We work with customers across the United States, from egg producers, retailers, and distributors. Our quality egg packaging is made from two primary materials: paper pulp and environmentally-friendly molded foam. Each of these materials is perfect for making any number of craft projects come alive. If your local supermarket chooses to replace their egg packaging with plastic, rest assured that our manufacturing operations will continue to produce traditional egg cartons for use, both in the egg industry and in classrooms and homes throughout the country. We offer a huge selection of egg packaging products, including egg cartons, egg fillers and toppers, egg flats, and egg boxes. Whether you need egg packaging for your business or simply want to spend time making crafts with your children, is the right choice. Leading the Way in Manufacturing

egg packaging manufacturers is a recognized leader in packaging solutions for the egg producing industry. We produce a wide range of packaging products, including egg flats and toppers, egg cartons in pulp and foam, egg sleeves, and void fillers. Throughout our company’s history, our team has sought to streamline warehousing and manufacturing operations in an effort to ensure timely delivery of packaging to our customers. We have become an industry leader with a reputation for flexibility and for our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.

Improving Warehousing Operations

Warehouse operations are a challenge for companies of every size. With increases in the cost of labor, coupled with rising shipping costs, companies often seek ways of controlling overhead. There are several key components in improving warehousing efficiency to reduce costs. These efficiency components also help the warehousing operation to run more smoothly and productively than ever before.

The first component is control of inventory, including inbound and outbound freight. Producing too much of any given product and having it sit around a warehouse is inefficient at best and damaging to revenue at worst. The same applies to purchases coming into the warehouse. Stocking up on raw materials or parts in excess of production needs wastes money that could be used for more important business operations. Location control and careful analysis of production needs, inventory levels, and purchase amounts are critical in streamlining this part of the warehouse operation.

Another time-honored method of reducing warehouse expenses is to simplify processes. This principle applies to the entire business operation and is just as critical in the warehouse as it is on the production floor or the sales office. Take a good look at the physical processes at play in your warehouse; do products and materials move efficiently through the facility, or do they spend too much time crossing space? Grouping similar production and inventory tasks together on the warehouse floor can help streamline the operation. Automating tasks is another method to simplify the warehousing operation. The key here is “fewer touches, lower costs.”

Continuous Improvement

The most successful companies never rest on their laurels. Monitoring work processes across the business operation and finding ways to improve those processes is a critical tool in streamlining your company’s efforts. Regular assessments, coupled with accountability and target goals for improvement, can help take business operations to the next level of success. has worked as a continuous improvement leader in the egg packaging manufacturing industry; we constantly tweak our production and warehousing operations in order to provide the fastest, most responsive, and highest quality of egg packaging products to our many customers.

Choosing the Right Egg Carton Material

pulp egg cartons

When opened its doors in 2014, our goal was simple:  to produce the industry’s best egg flats, egg crate topper products, and egg cartons.  We excel at the manufacture and distribution of egg packaging products, and our products are relied on by egg producers and food production facilities across the United States. Our company is passionate about providing wholesale egg cartons, egg cartons in bulk, and associated products. is your #1 destination to buy egg cartons online. Egg Cartons – A Revolution in Egg Packaging and Transportation

Egg packaging goes back hundreds of years, but it was only in the early 20th century that the modern egg carton as we know it was invented. In 1911, a newspaper editor named Joseph Coyle invented a product called the Coyle Egg-Safety Carton in response to an argument between a farmer and a hotel owner in British Columbia, Canada. The argument stemmed from egg breakage during transport, and each participant blamed the other for the loss.

This invention by Mr. Coyle revolutionized the egg packaging industry.  Today, modern egg carton products and other egg packaging solutions manufactured by EggBox look and perform very similarly to those original inventions.

farmacia viagra generico 200 mg a Venezia Types of Egg Packaging

EggBox is the industry’s leading producer of high-quality egg packaging products, and our products can be found in use around the country.  We produce four major types of egg packaging, including:

  • Pulp Egg Cartons
  • Foam Egg Cartons
  • Egg Flats, Egg Sleeves, and Egg Crate Topper Products
  • Egg Boxes

Egg cartons for sale by EggBox are generally made from two materials, paper pulp and foam.  Other materials may be used, including paper and recycled paper. Pulp egg cartons are created by making a pulp “slurry” out of recycled paper and cardboard.  This slurry is pumped into egg carton-shaped molds and allowed to dry.  The result is an environmentally-friendly product that protects eggs during shipment and storage.  By using recycled materials, the environment is protected from unnecessary tree harvesting.  The best thing about pulp egg cartons is that they can be recycled again, creating new products! Foam egg cartons are made using expanded plastic foam, usually polystyrene (they are often referred to as styrofoam egg cartons).  The foam is pressed into molds and cooled, forming the familiar egg cartons we have all used in the home or food service industry.  Foam egg cartons may be recyclable by certain operations, and the recycled foam can be added to concrete, plastic products, office supplies, and many other applications like home insulation.  A benefit of foam over pulp egg cartons is that they provide an extra layer of insulation for the eggs, helping to regulate temperatures during shipment between producers and end users.

Egg flats and egg crate topper products can be made from both major materials, but traditionally, they are made from paper pulp.  EggBox produces a wide range of egg flats and egg crate toppers in addition to egg sleeves in both materials.

Choosing EggBox Egg Packaging Products

EggBox is a leader in the egg packaging industry, and we have built our reputation on quality products and exacting manufacturing standards. Many of our products are thicker and heavier than competitors’ products, helping to ensure the safety of eggs during transport. This is especially true of our egg flats, egg crate topper products, and egg packaging sleeves.

Our company uses a network of regional egg packaging manufacturing operations to streamline distribution and delivery when it is needed. EggBox and our products are relied on by egg producers throughout the U.S.  If you are a farmer or egg producer and desire the very best in egg packaging money can buy, the top choice is the wide variety of quality products manufactured by EggBox.  From pulp and foam egg cartons to egg filler flats, egg boxes, crate toppers, and more, we are the leaders in the egg packaging industry.

Need more help? Contact us today.

Egg Carton Arts & Crafts

Since 2014, the experts at have produced egg cartons for sale that meet exacting standards for quality.  Egg producers rely on our egg carton products to protect fragile eggs during transportation to markets and food production operations. And, consumers also depend on our egg cartons to keep eggs break-free on the way home from the supermarket.  EggBox is the recognized leader in durable, versatile egg packaging; our egg cartons for sale are crucial for the egg production industry, with cheap egg cartons and egg cartons for sale. If you use a lot of eggs around your house for cooking, all those egg cartons begin to stack up.  What can you do with them besides throwing them away?  Well, in addition to protecting eggs, egg cartons also serve as versatile materials for craft projects in the home or in schools.  Let’s explore the many ways people can use EggBox egg cartons and egg packaging products to create awesome egg carton art!

Egg Carton Art Projects

egg carton arts and crafts

Egg cartons for sale by EggBox come in two materials, paper pulp and foam.  Each of these egg carton materials can be used in craft projects, but some projects are better with one or the other of the materials. Cheap egg cartons can be bought in bulk, enough to supply the whole team or classroom.

A fun project for kids is to create fun “flowers” that never wilt or discolor. First, cut the individual cells from a paper pulp egg carton, forming cups.  These cups are then painted with bright colors and glued to pipe cleaners, forming the stems.  A pom-pom in a contrasting color can be hot-glued into the cups for added style.

Most children love creepy-crawlies, so what better way to capture their imaginations than by recycling egg carton materials into fun “bugs”?  The first step is to use scissors to cut the egg carton cells apart.  One cell can be a spider or fly, while multiple connected cells can be used to make a caterpillar or centipede.  Using paint or permanent markers, decorate the outside in your favorite insect colors.  Glue on some plastic googly eyes and use pipe cleaners for legs.  If you wish, you can use small pieces of tissue paper as wings by gluing them onto the top of the egg carton cell.

Egg cartons can even be used to make musical instruments.  Using foam or pulp egg carton materials, cut the individual cells apart with scissors.  Paint the individual cups or decorate them with permanent markers.  Now, add a small amount of dry rice, dry pasta, or gravel to one cup, and then glue an empty cup upside down to it, forming a capsule.  To play your new instrument, simply shake the capsule in your hand to the rhythm of the music.  You can experiment with different amounts of dried materials, creating different sounds for different songs.

Egg Carton Projects Around the Home or Workshop

Art projects aren’t the only things that egg carton products can be used for.  Among the many kinds of quality egg cartons for sale by EggBox, foam egg cartons and pulp egg cartons have many practical uses.

One of the most popular uses for discarded egg cartons is to organize small parts.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you know how difficult it is to keep track of small parts, such as when you are repairing a bicycle or small appliance.  The individual cells of an egg carton make a perfect solution – you can even number them with a marker so you know exactly in which order parts were removed, making it a snap to reassemble your project.

An egg carton makes an ideal way to store spare change on a dresser or table.  And, making a change holder is a fun project for kids. Simply cut the cells apart with scissors, paint them or decorate with permanent markers, and place them where needed to capture all that loose change from your pockets.

Finally, homeowners with fireplaces or people who love the outdoors can use paper pulp egg carton material to create firestarters.  Campfires and outdoor cookouts have never been easier! Cut the individual cells apart.  Fill each cup with sawdust or dryer lint, and then pour a little bit of melted candle wax or paraffin into each cup.  Once the cups have cooled, they can be stored for many years and are ready to help you start that roaring fire.  To use, simply light one corner of the paper egg carton cup and place under kindling or charcoal briquettes.

To get started on your crafting, purchase egg cartons now!


History of Egg Crate Boxes, Egg Boxes, and Egg Packaging

Few people think about the importance of egg boxes, egg crate boxes, and egg packaging.  It is interesting to see how eggs have been stored and transported over the years. Eggs have been a cooking staple for many centuries, even back to Egyptian times.  We use them in thousands of different ways in the home and in commercial food production, creating main courses, side dishes, and desserts with them. knows how important eggs are to the food industry, and that’s why we have set out to create the highest-quality egg boxes and egg crate boxes available.

Egg Transportation and Packaging Through History

egg crate boxes in 1900s

Long before refrigeration and modern transportation, farmers were collecting and transporting eggs.  These farmers didn’t have egg boxes or egg crate boxes available to them.  In fact, egg cartons and other egg packaging wasn’t developed until the early 20th century!

As hens laid their eggs, they were collected in baskets by farm workers.  They were often brought to local markets in these baskets, which did a fairly good job of protecting the fragile eggs from damage.  Eggs that needed to be transported longer distances were sometimes packed in sawdust, straw, or even chicken feathers to give them added protection. Boxes or barrels served as the containers for egg transport; a far cry from the modern egg boxes and egg crate boxes today’s egg producers use.  By padding the eggs with sawdust or straw, farmers could ensure that they would remain intact until their final destination.

A Revolution in Egg Boxes and Egg Crate Boxes for Packaging

It wasn’t until 1911 that the egg box or egg carton was developed.  And the inventor wasn’t even a farmer!  A Canadian newspaper editor by the name of Joseph Coyle came up with paper egg boxes that looked remarkably similar to those cartons we are familiar with today.  Called the “Coyle Egg-Safety Carton”, the machine used to construct them now resides in the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC.

Prior to the invention of the egg box by Mr. Coyle, egg crate boxes and egg boxes were made by interlocking strips of cardboard to create individual “cells” for the eggs.  These lattice-like arrangements were packed in wooden crates or cardboard boxes and provided decent protection during transport. While an improvement over packing eggs in straw or sawdust, breakage was still a concern. Mr. Coyle’s invention finally solved the problem of waste and breakage during transport.

Fast-Forward to the Egg Cartons of Today

Various egg cartons or boxes were patented in the 20th century, but for the most part, the humble egg carton remains much like the one Joseph Coyle invented in 1911.  Made from paper, recycled paper, paper pulp, or foam materials, EggBox carries on the proud tradition of crafting protective egg boxes and egg crate boxes.  Our products are in use around the country and have earned a reputation for exacting quality. By protecting eggs during transport with one of the many egg packaging products made by our experts at EggBox, farmers can protect their investments.  Our carefully-manufactured egg boxes, cartons, egg crate boxes, and flats ensure that eggs arrive at supermarkets or food production facilities without breakage.