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When EggBox.com opened its doors in 2014, our goal was simple:  to produce the industry’s best egg flats, egg crate topper products, and egg cartons.  We excel at the manufacture and distribution of egg packaging products, and our products are relied on by egg producers and food production facilities across the United States. Our company is passionate about providing wholesale egg cartons, egg cartons in bulk, and associated products. Eggbox.com is your #1 destination to buy egg cartons online.

Egg Cartons – A Revolution in Egg Packaging and Transportation

Egg packaging goes back hundreds of years, but it was only in the early 20th century that the modern egg carton as we know it was invented. In 1911, a newspaper editor named Joseph Coyle invented a product called the Coyle Egg-Safety Carton in response to an argument between a farmer and a hotel owner in British Columbia, Canada. The argument stemmed from egg breakage during transport, and each participant blamed the other for the loss.

This invention by Mr. Coyle revolutionized the egg packaging industry.  Today, modern egg carton products and other egg packaging solutions manufactured by EggBox look and perform very similarly to those original inventions.

Types of Egg Packaging

EggBox is the industry’s leading producer of high-quality egg packaging products, and our products can be found in use around the country.  We produce four major types of egg packaging, including:

  • Pulp Egg Cartons
  • Foam Egg Cartons
  • Egg Flats, Egg Sleeves, and Egg Crate Topper Products
  • Egg Boxes

Egg cartons for sale by EggBox are generally made from two materials, paper pulp and foam.  Other materials may be used, including paper and recycled paper.  Pulp egg cartons are created by making a pulp “slurry” out of recycled paper and cardboard.  This slurry is pumped into egg carton-shaped molds and allowed to dry.  The result is an environmentally-friendly product that protects eggs during shipment and storage.  By using recycled materials, the environment is protected from unnecessary tree harvesting.  The best thing about pulp egg cartons is that they can be recycled again, creating new products!

Foam egg cartons are made using expanded plastic foam, usually polystyrene (they are often referred to as styrofoam egg cartons).  The foam is pressed into molds and cooled, forming the familiar egg cartons we have all used in the home or food service industry.  Foam egg cartons may be recyclable by certain operations, and the recycled foam can be added to concrete, plastic products, office supplies, and many other applications like home insulation.  A benefit of foam over pulp egg cartons is that they provide an extra layer of insulation for the eggs, helping to regulate temperatures during shipment between producers and end users.

Egg flats and egg crate topper products can be made from both major materials, but traditionally, they are made from paper pulp.  EggBox produces a wide range of egg flats and egg crate toppers in addition to egg sleeves in both materials.

Choosing EggBox Egg Packaging Products

EggBox is a leader in the egg packaging industry, and we have built our reputation on quality products and exacting manufacturing standards. Many of our products are thicker and heavier than competitors’ products, helping to ensure the safety of eggs during transport. This is especially true of our egg flats, egg crate topper products, and egg packaging sleeves.

Our company uses a network of regional egg packaging manufacturing operations to streamline distribution and delivery when it is needed. EggBox and our products are relied on by egg producers throughout the U.S.  If you are a farmer or egg producer and desire the very best in egg packaging money can buy, the top choice is the wide variety of quality products manufactured by EggBox.  From pulp and foam egg cartons to egg filler flats, egg boxes, crate toppers, and more, we are the leaders in the egg packaging industry.

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