Since 2014, the experts at have produced egg cartons for sale that meet exacting standards for quality.  Egg producers rely on our egg carton products to protect fragile eggs during transportation to markets and food production operations. And, consumers also depend on our egg cartons to keep eggs break-free on the way home from the supermarket.  EggBox is the recognized leader in durable, versatile egg packaging; our egg cartons for sale are crucial for the egg production industry, with cheap egg cartons and egg cartons for sale. If you use a lot of eggs around your house for cooking, all those egg cartons begin to stack up.  What can you do with them besides throwing them away?  Well, in addition to protecting eggs, egg cartons also serve as versatile materials for craft projects in the home or in schools.  Let’s explore the many ways people can use EggBox egg cartons and egg packaging products to create awesome egg carton art!

Egg Carton Art Projects

egg carton arts and crafts

Egg cartons for sale by EggBox come in two materials, paper pulp and foam.  Each of these egg carton materials can be used in craft projects, but some projects are better with one or the other of the materials. Cheap egg cartons can be bought in bulk, enough to supply the whole team or classroom.

A fun project for kids is to create fun “flowers” that never wilt or discolor. First, cut the individual cells from a paper pulp egg carton, forming cups.  These cups are then painted with bright colors and glued to pipe cleaners, forming the stems.  A pom-pom in a contrasting color can be hot-glued into the cups for added style.

Most children love creepy-crawlies, so what better way to capture their imaginations than by recycling egg carton materials into fun “bugs”?  The first step is to use scissors to cut the egg carton cells apart.  One cell can be a spider or fly, while multiple connected cells can be used to make a caterpillar or centipede.  Using paint or permanent markers, decorate the outside in your favorite insect colors.  Glue on some plastic googly eyes and use pipe cleaners for legs.  If you wish, you can use small pieces of tissue paper as wings by gluing them onto the top of the egg carton cell.

Egg cartons can even be used to make musical instruments.  Using foam or pulp egg carton materials, cut the individual cells apart with scissors.  Paint the individual cups or decorate them with permanent markers.  Now, add a small amount of dry rice, dry pasta, or gravel to one cup, and then glue an empty cup upside down to it, forming a capsule.  To play your new instrument, simply shake the capsule in your hand to the rhythm of the music.  You can experiment with different amounts of dried materials, creating different sounds for different songs.

Egg Carton Projects Around the Home or Workshop

Art projects aren’t the only things that egg carton products can be used for.  Among the many kinds of quality egg cartons for sale by EggBox, foam egg cartons and pulp egg cartons have many practical uses.

One of the most popular uses for discarded egg cartons is to organize small parts.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you know how difficult it is to keep track of small parts, such as when you are repairing a bicycle or small appliance.  The individual cells of an egg carton make a perfect solution – you can even number them with a marker so you know exactly in which order parts were removed, making it a snap to reassemble your project.

An egg carton makes an ideal way to store spare change on a dresser or table.  And, making a change holder is a fun project for kids. Simply cut the cells apart with scissors, paint them or decorate with permanent markers, and place them where needed to capture all that loose change from your pockets.

Finally, homeowners with fireplaces or people who love the outdoors can use paper pulp egg carton material to create firestarters.  Campfires and outdoor cookouts have never been easier! Cut the individual cells apart.  Fill each cup with sawdust or dryer lint, and then pour a little bit of melted candle wax or paraffin into each cup.  Once the cups have cooled, they can be stored for many years and are ready to help you start that roaring fire.  To use, simply light one corner of the paper egg carton cup and place under kindling or charcoal briquettes.

To get started on your crafting, purchase egg cartons now!


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