For decades, egg cartons have been a staple of childhood craft projects. We’ve even covered several different viagra generico 50 mg online prezzo piu basso a Venezia fun craft projects using egg cartons on our blog. These versatile egg packaging products can be used in a wide number of ways, each with its own unique look and style. From Christmas ornaments to decorative flowers and even utilitarian uses like holding jewelry or small parts, egg carton crafts deserve their place in the crafting hall of fame.

click here Replacing Egg Cartons with Plastic?

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click Recently, some egg producers and distributors have begun to move away from traditional egg cartons. Egg cartons are typically made from paper pulp or environmentally-friendly foam materials. Each material lends itself to projects in the home, shop, or classroom. A number of supermarket chains have started to replace these egg carton materials with molded plastic packaging. The reason behind this packaging switch is to minimize damage from leaking eggs if they should break during transport. The modern plastic containers are said to contain leaks better than foam or pulp cartons. While this may sound like a benefit, one of the major drawbacks of the new plastic packaging is that it doesn’t adapt well to craft projects. Plastic is a great packaging material for many reasons, but in crafting, it is less than desirable, especially for projects that involve children.


side effects prednisone 50mg Among the drawbacks:

  • Plastic egg packaging is harder to cut with scissors;
  • Crafting paint and glue, particularly school-safe versions, do not readily stick to plastic, and;
  • Plastic simply doesn’t have the texture, the style, or the whimsical nature of traditional pulp egg cartons

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online ordering propecia Luckily for crafters young and old, is a leader in watch egg packaging solutions. We work with customers across the United States, from egg producers, retailers, and distributors. Our quality egg packaging is made from two primary materials: paper pulp and environmentally-friendly molded foam. Each of these materials is perfect for making any number of craft projects come alive. If your local supermarket chooses to replace their egg packaging with plastic, rest assured that our manufacturing operations will continue to produce traditional egg cartons for use, both in the egg industry and in classrooms and homes throughout the country. We offer a huge selection of egg packaging products, including egg cartons, egg fillers and toppers, egg flats, and egg boxes. Whether you need egg packaging for your business or simply want to spend time making crafts with your children, is the right choice.

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